Our Creative & Event Services


Each island offers a variety of musical talent for any type of event. KCH can provide and manage a Hawaiian trio, great dance bands, full stage productions with a variety of themes, as well as unique dance groups and club acts. Each event is custom designed for your event objective, theme and budget.

If the objective is not all fun and relaxation, the creative resources for speakers and educational services in Hawaii are many. From motivational experiences, to hands on technical training, Hawaii offers a wide variety of opportunities. There are many options including Hawaiian Chanters, Hawaiian Royal Guard, Hawaiian crafters, vocalists, dancers, acrobats, comedians, magicians, and many exotic performers, all limited only by your imagination!

  • Name and Local Name Entertainment
  • Luaus, Hawaiian Entertainment
  • Casinos, Interactive Games, Sports Bars, Carnivals
  • Vignette, Vaudeville, Dancers, Cirque & Custom Shows
  • MC Comedians, Magicians, Auctioneers & Unique Interactive Entertainers
  • A Variety of Dance Bands, Jazz, Contemporary, Rock, Swing, Exotic & Unique
  • General Session Eye Openers- Chanters, Color Guard, National Anthem


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