Our DMC Services

Long before your guests arrive, one of our professional Program Managers will be assigned as your personal guarantee of excellence. The Program Manager’s primary function is to understand your objectives and to ensure that every detail of your program meets those objectives, exceeds your expectations, and fits into your budget. Your Program Manager will assist you with every aspect of program planning, recommending and arranging services, tours and events specifically selected to fit your group’s needs.

Tours and Activities

Most tours are available on either an exclusive or non-exclusive basis. Many tours can be customized for specific inclusions or timing. In addition to the standard tours listed, KCH has extensive experience in creating and operating custom tours designed to suit your group’s needs and budget. Options range from shopping tours and sailing regattas to Island fly-a-ways and unique historic or cultural experiences. Special custom tours can be enhanced to WOW the top producers and re-designed to accommodate any size group on one day or over several days with a variety of options.

Additional information on tour locations, destinations, exact times, capacities, minimum and maximum guarantees, rates and transfer details are available in proposal form upon request for specific programs.

  • Custom Designed VIP Activities – Land via helicopter near a waterfall, enjoy a gourmet lunch and four wheel drive back to civilization.
  • Creative Group Activities and Tour Upgrades  – Combine several group activities and create a truly unique day.
  • On Line Tour Registration for Groups or FITs – Make it easy on yourself, let us do the work!
  • Tour Transfers, advance staff and coordination